Thousands of members have reached amazing weight loss, fitness and health goals at Synergy Fitness. Get inspiration and ideas from some our most succesful members by reading there stories. Discover what makes them special…and maybe find some tips to help you along your path.


Lambro’s Story

“After 4 months I lost about 35 pounds… If I did not sign up for personal training andI was just kind of going to the gym alone I’m pretty sure I would not have the results that I’m seeing right now.”


Jamie’s Story

“The trainer’s are going to bend over backward to help you. They make you very comfortable and explain everything to you. My back is strong, my core is strong and my legs are strong. I like that feeling.”


Sergio’s Story

“I remember the first session. I remember telling my trainer “I just want to feel better” and my trainer said ‘I promise you will.’ From then on I’ve never felt better in my life. My entire quality of life has improved.”


Heidi’s Story

“People around me started to tell me ‘Hey Heidi you really inspire me to lose weight.'”